Chinese troops clear 7,000 mines, bombs in Lebanon (Lebanon)

Chinese soldiers have destroyed more than 7,000 mines and bombs during their peacekeeping mission in Lebanon in the past 15 months, a military official said Tuesday.


"China's engineer battalion cleared landmines and detonated bombs over about 1.5 million square meters of land in Lebanon and not a single soldier was injured during the mission," the official said.

A 182-member battalion, formed from an engineer regiment of the People's Liberation Army, was sent to Lebanon on a UN peacekeeping mission in March 2006.

The battalion had experience of three overseas de-mining missions before being sent to Lebanon. At the UN's request, the battalion was reinforced to 275 in January this year.

Being the only engineer troop in the UN peacekeeping force in Lebanon, the battalion also takes up other tasks such as repairing damaged roads, offering logistics for UN troops and rescuing local refugees.

Since signing the Amended Protocol on Landmines in 1998, China has taken part in mine-clearing operations in more than 10 countries in Asia and Africa, providing them with various forms of assistance including financial support, clearing equipment and technical training.

Von: 10.07.2007,

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