Civilians hurt by CPP-NPA landmines (Philippines)

PANACAN, Davao City (28 July) -- Some fifteen (15) innocent civilian were injured and two critically wounded when a passenger jeepney was hit by a pressure release landmine allegedly planted by the CPP/NPA at the National Highway in Sitio Cabarot Cabugi, Unidos, Tago, Surigao del Sur on 24 July at 8:00 o'clock in the morning.


According to one of the slightly wounded civilian victims, it is possible the landmine is intended to owners of civilian passenger vehicles who declined to give the CPP/NPA the extortion money they used to collect from them. This is one way of scaring them.
Two among the wounded civilian passengers were identified as Arnold Taneza, 36 years old and resident of Tubotubo, Cagwit, Surigao del Sur and Alberto Estrada 434 years old, a resident of Barangay Lapurisima of the same municipality. They have one common question, on who will help them to have justice.
Lt VG Gualdaquever PN, OIC Commander of 5th Civil Relation Group, CRSAFP said that, "The AFP condemns, in the strongest sense, this terror act by the Communist Bandits. They are already desperate to generate funds from the innocent civilians. It was a ferocity done with out consideration on the lives of the civilians
. She also calls the attention of all the cause oriented groups to surface and help condemn the evil doings, this senseless act of terroristic banditry of the CPP/NPA. If they are true champions of Human Rights, especially giving help to the civilian innocent victims, they should assist us bring justice to these victims, she added.
When the report came to the attention of SOUTHCOM Chief, Major General Gabriel Habacon, he instructed the concerned staff to report the incident to the Government of the Republic of the Philippines-with respect to Human Rights and Humanitarian Law (CARHRIHL) .
He also said that the human rights groups and the Commission on Human Rights must look into this incident. Use of landmines had long been prohibited under the International Humanitarian law.

Von: PIA Press Release

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