Colchester: Bomb scare jams (UK)

Traffic jams hit Colchester rush-hour after a bomb scare. Police shut Shrub End Road yesterday afternoon after a suspected landmine was found in a home.


Officers cleared the area of people and cordoned it off at about 4.30pm as they waited for the bomb disposal team to arrive. Insp Keith Jones, of Colchester police, said: "There was a landmine inside the premises. "We evacuated the house, which had been turned into a bedsit,and we evacuated the neighbouring house and shut the road off.

"The landmine was found to be deactivated." The route was shut for about an hour and caused tailbacks of traffic heading to and from Maldon. Insp Jones said some items were removed from the home and inquiries were being made last night to speak to the owner.

Von: 28 September 2005, Evening Gazette

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