Colombia communists ask FARC to end kidnapping (Colombia)

The Colombian Communist Party (PCC) asked the FARC Wednesday to stop kidnapping and the use of anti-personnel mines in its war against the State.


The Communists want the Marxist guerrillas to apply a "more political accent", Carlos Lozano, one of the leaders of the party told french press agency AFP.

"The guerrilla needs to understand that it has to lower the intensity of the conflict with issues that affect the civilian population such as kidnapping and landmines," Lozano said.

The communist leader and member of peace group 'Colombians for Peace' added that "the FARC has shown in their recent pronouncements that there is interest in this political accent. Given the demands of reality, we need mister [Alfonso] Cano to apply this accent more to contribute to a peaceful solution of the conflict."

The prominent communist and journalist also wants the Government to come up with compromises. "There must be compromises from both the Government and the FARC. To me, the President's proposal for a four month ceasefire seems a good idea, but it has to be of both sides," Lozano said.

Von: 09.04.2009,

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