Colombia is not only passion (Colombia)

SEMANA INTERNATIONAL Roundup ReportFeb. 17th, Feb. 23th: It is not surprising, but it is sad: headlines about Colombia spread around Europe, and their only aspect in common is crime. This week political persecution, massacres, and drug-trafficking filled up the space of major papers.



"Le Monde" Colombia correspondent Marie Delcas also wrote a long article on Farc's most recent crime; the text was published in the print edition of France's major daily on Thursday (February 19th). Ms. Delcas quotes Óscar Ortiz, a leader of the Union of Awa People, saying: "Guerrilla fighters kill Awans, paramilitaries kill Awans, the army kills Awans". The victims of the latest massacre were all members of the Awa tribe, an indigenous community living in the Western flank of the Andes, composed by approximately 25,000 people. "Le Monde" writes: "Farc's cynism has aroused indignation all-around". José Miguel Vivanco, Human Rights Watch director for the Americas, is quoted asking: "Does the guerrilla really think they will reduce their responsibility on the massacre by admitting it?" Based on information given by the Union of Awa People, "Le Monde" reminds that indigenous reservations are very difficult to access. They are covered by landmines, a reason which explains why it has been difficult to recover all the corpses of the recently killed natives. Ms. Delcas quotes the country's general Leonardo Barrero: "More than fifty mines had been located around the first body that was found, so that the other Awans couldn't do it."

Von: 24.02.2009, By Camilo Jiménez, Semana correspondent in Berlin,

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