County's troops bag Basra haul (Iraq)

Troops from the Duke of Lancaster's Regiment have seized weapons and bomb-making equipment during a daring late-night raid. Around 300 soldiers from the 2nd Battalion swooped on a house in Basra which was believed to have been used as a base for attacks against coalition forces.


Weapons recovered included a heavy machine gun, seven rockets, a rocket propelled grenade and launcher, 22 grenades, 2 anti-vehicle mines, explosives and bullets.

Warrant Officer 1st Class Sandy Little is one of three experts among the British forces specially trained in deactivating roadside bombs.

He said: "This was a very good day at the office.

"To take this amount of ordnance out of circulation is good news, not just for coalition forces but for Iraqi people as well.

"And, from a personal perspective, this might mean one or two less roadside bombs that I will have to deal with in the future."

UK military spokesman Major David Gell said: "This significant find for 2 LANCS Battle Group will help save the lives of innocent Iraqis and multi-national forces."

Von: 21.03.2007

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