Deminer killed in blast (Bosnia)

Sarajevo - One deminer was killed and another was seriously injured in Bosnia on Sunday in the explosion of a landmine left over from the country's 1992-1995 war, national radio reported.


The two 29-year-old victims accidentally activated the landmine while clearing an area near the central town of Donji Vakuf, the radio said.

The area lies on the wartime frontline and is still infested with landmines and other unexploded ordnance.

More than 13 years after the end of war, over three percent of Bosnia's territory is estimated to be littered with landmines.

The country had more than 1 600 victims of accidents involving mines since 1996, including some 480 killed, official figures show.

Clearing landmine-infested areas of the mountainous former Yugoslav republic is expected to take several decades, according to experts. - AFP

Von: 24.05.2008,

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