Demining Equipment Analysed At Seminar

Representatives from the country`s 18 provinces, who are participating in a seminar about "Provincial Co-ordination of Mine Action" since Monday, will analyse this morning, in the capital, the modern techniques of demining equipment.


At the meeting, connecting officials and field assistants of the national inter-sectoral Demining and Humanitarian Commission (CNIDAH) will discuss, among others, themes connected to "Global Positioning Systems (GPS)" and "Perspective of Evolution and Provincial Co-ordination".

"Assistance to Land Mines Victims", "Destruction of Mines Stock", "Ottawa Mine Convention","Mine Action Patterns", "Accreditation Process", "Evaluation of Mines Impact", "Establishment of Priority", "Provincial and National Plans" are alsotopics to be discussed.

The seminar will end this friday.

Von: 07 September 2005,

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