Denmark approves cluster bomb use (Denmark)

The Danish government sparks controversy after passing a new resolution supporting the military's legal right to use cluster bombs.


The Danish opposition decided to follow suit and compromise with the right and centre-right parties on the issue after initially seeking a complete ban on the military's use of such weapons for battle and tactical bombing purposes.

The approval comes amid a recent Norwegian report, which expressed strong disapproval of the Danish military's arsenal of 27,000 cluster bombs.

"One of the biggest problems with cluster bombs is that many of the smaller bombs ejected from the shell do not explode after hitting the ground, often detonating later after being inadvertently disturbed," the report said.

Danish Defense Minister Soren Gade criticized the report for attempting to manipulate public opinion about the military's efforts to keep 'reliable' cluster bombs.

The Socialist People's Party and the Red-Green Alliance voted against the proposal and stuck to their call for a full ban on the controversial weapons.

The incident comes amid reports that the Danish military used such lethal munitions during the war in Afghanistan.

Cluster bombs are notorious for containing smaller bomblets, which scatter over a wide area and can explode decades after a conflict has ended.


Von: 20.5.2008,

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