With only a handful of members, the recently formed Yahoo group Al Neda Cell doesn't look like it will be capable of causing much trouble. However, its very existence is still a reminder of the incendiary, anti-American Islamic material that circulates on the Internet'especially troubling as Yahoo is an American company and appears to freely allow this material.


For example. A file available at the Yahoo Al Neda Cell group site includes comprehensive instructions for making mines and booby traps.

Here's an extract. "The operative can use mines and booby traps for selective assassination or to defend a residence, perimeter or retreat. Any of these devices can also be used in an ongoing guerilla campaign when fighting against numerically superior forces. Mines and booby traps also have great potential for causing general mayhem when employed in non-White areas."

The writer then talks about "Claymore Mines," which he describes as "anti-personnel, directional mines, which are used for perimeter defense, remote ambush and early warning when enemies trip them outside of a defensive perimeter."

The writer states, "To the resistance fighter, the claymore mine can be employed as a booby trap, a remotely detonated weapon of assassination or terror, or a defensive weapon to protect the operative's retreat. Claymores can be deployed wherever the enemy is likely to move, park their vehicles, store goods or pass through choke points. These weapons are really only useful against personnel and their directional firing makes the blast much more devastating in crowded areas than a radius fragmentation bomb of similar power."

Instructions are then provided for making improvised Claymore mines. "Start the assembly process by purchasing, or "liberating," a length of heavy-duty 8" PVC waste pipe. Some plumbing shops will have scrap ends and pieces for sale at reduced prices…. But let's face it, "liberating" several full-length pipes from a construction site is really a lot more satisfying."

The writer then moves on to "Panji traps," calling it "A very simple trap. A small pit is dug, lengths of sharpened sticks are cut and inserted vertically into the bottom of the pit, a thin covering of dirt and leaves over the top."

A Panji Board, he says, is "a piece of board often with metal spikes, the ends filed to create sharp barbs. When the victim's foot is impaled on the trap it can't be immediately removed without causing intense pain and further damage. The tips can be smeared with poison or fecal matter to increase the risk of infection."

A description of a Venus Fly Trap follows. "This consists of a frame work with overlapping barbs placed in a pit. Some are made from a metal container that is sunk flush with the surface of the ground. It is covered with a grass or leaf camouflage. The barbs inflict injury especially when the victim attempts to withdraw his leg out of the trap."

Another file available on the same Yahoo group deals with how to make an improvised grenade launcher. Calling it a "very simple design," but still one that "works very nicely," the writer states, "The 40mm systems pumps projectiles out at low barrel pressures and spent casings for these weapons can be readily obtained at gun shows (at least in the US) or casings could, with the proper tools, be improvised. The US military designed the 40mm round to be easily reloaded by replacing the primer with a .38 blank. Civilian and law-enforcement application rounds, such as flare, tear gas and smoke are also available and can be modified to our use. These facts make the 40mm an ideal round to base an improvised grenade launcher upon. The design of these weapons is quite simple, not much more complicated than our improvised firearm designs."

He then provides a list of the materials needed.


In addition to the material on the files, postings on the message board dole out a stream of anti-American pro-terror propaganda.

Here's a selection. A message posted on Sept. 1 (
read in part like this, "There remains little to say about al-Qaida in the Land of the Two
Rivers ( and the feared Jaish Ansar Al-Sunnah ( as the groups battle it out daily on the ground in Iraq. Each and every day, both groups dole out a steady stream of offensives against US forces and their Iraqi collaborators with ever increasing precision.

"On Tuesday, both groups reported on multiple operations that took a heavy toll in equipment and lives. In The Name Of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. O Allah! Make our shots hit their intended targets and fasten our feet firmly to the ground. Praise be to Allah, peace and prayer be upon our prophet, his family, and his companions."

Another portion of the same message was titled, "Al-Qaida Liquidates Spy," and read "Our brothers from Al-Qua'Qua' Brigade belonging to Al-Qaida in the Land of the Two Rivers have on Monday Rajab 24, 1426, (Aug. 29 2005) assassinated one of the crusaders spies in the town of Al- Kalis at Diyala, by the grace of Allah."

Another gory extract from the same posting was called, "Al-Qaida's Omar Brigades Tallies Assassinations," and read in part, "The following assassination took place between 23 and 29 of August 2005. Our brothers from Khalid Bin Al-Waleed squad belonging to Al-Qaida in the Land of the Two Rivers have Assassinated two members of Badr Brigade, Rasul and Wahid Rafaqua, in the area of Baquba. Assassinated another member of Badr at the Industrial neighborhood. Assassinated a member of Badr at Al-Tahreer, Baquab, by the grace of Allah."

It wasn't only people who have been the target of insurgent wrath. The same message carried a narrative reading, "A squad from the lions of Tawheed have blasted a crusaders crude pipeline, in the neighborhood of Al-Dibs in the town of Kirkuk. The pipeline is benefiting the crusaders and apostates who love to be slaved by the Cross Worshipers, by the grace of Allah. They will never benefit as long there are men on the ground that knows what the crusaders are concerned with, the theft of the Muslim nation's wealth and fortune, but we will turn it into inferno before it reaches them."

Some more anti-American vitriol on the same posting read, "A squad from our mujahideen brothers belonging to Omar Ibn Al-Khatab company have on Monday August 29 2005 at 11:00 hrs blasted the fresh water pipe on the main road supplying the crusaders base at Al-
Baghdadi South of Hadithah. When the crusaders approached the area, the Mujahideen brothers were waiting for them and pounded the area with 82 mm mortar rounds, destroying a Humvee with its crew all on board, by the grace of Allah."

The narrative continued, reading "A squad from the Mujahideen brothers were able today at 08:00 hrs to plant and detonate a bobby trapped vehicle targeting Apostates commandos' column. In the area of Al-Quala'a at Samarra. The explosion killed five apostates burning their vehicle by the grace of Allah. Allahu Akbar...Allahu Akbar... Glory is to Allah, His Prophet and Believers. Praise be to Allah, peace and prayer be upon our prophet, his family, and his companions."

The message was attributed to "Al-Qaida in the Land of the Two Rivers" and the Military Division of Jaish Ansar Al-Sunnah" and dated Aug. 30 2005.

Another message ( was titled, "Al-Qaida Employs New Tactic Of Razing Houses."

It read, "In The Name Of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. O Allah! Make our shots hit their intended targets and fasten our feet firmly to the ground. Praise be to Allah, peace and prayer be upon our prophet, his family, and his companions ... Our brothers in the military division of Al-Qaida in the Land of the Two Rivers, have on Monday Rajab 24th 1426, (August 29th 2005) shelled the crusaders base of Al-Baker using ten mortar rounds, from two directions, by the grace of Allah. The military division of Al-Qaida in the Land of the Two Rivers have liquidated two spies, Saddam and Edward Al-Najafi and demolished their homes after removing the women and children. This method will be used with all conspirators and spies, by the grace of Allah."

Another portion of the same post read in part, "Our brothers in the military division of Al-Qaida in the Land of the Two Rivers have on Monday Rajab 24th 1426, (August 29th 2005) detonated an explosive device, targeting an apostate patrol at Al- Tarmiyah. The explosion destroyed a troop carrier killing six and injuring three apostates, by the grace of Allah. Allahu Akbar...Allahu Akbar... Glory is to Allah, His Prophet and Believers. Al-Qaida in the Land of the Two Rivers

Another message ( was titled, "American Bastards Play Football With Qur'an."

It started off with a prayer. "O Allah, curse these animals, take their vision and turn them into the apes and swine that they are, ameen."

The message continued. "A martyrdom fighter drove an explosives-packed car into a US checkpoint in the east of the city of Ramadi, Wednesday evening following an outrageous innocent earlier when US forces used the Quran as a football to provoke Mujahideen.

The blast killed more than nine US Marines and destroyed two Humvees that were parked at the checkpoint. After the attack, large numbers of US vehicles and helicopters very tightly encircling the entire area, backed up by Iraqi puppet army troops ... Less than an hour before, US forces had desecrated copies of the Qur'an in front of witnesses on the main street in the al-Qattanah area in northern Ramadi ... After about an hour of raids and searches yielded them no weapons or Resistance fighters, the Americans brought out a copy of the Qur'an and began kicking it around from one to another. US soldiers said they were trying to provoke Resistance fighters into coming out into the streets where they could be killed."

While some message board moderators claim that they are not responsible for the contents of the material posted, there's mistaking the intention of this group's leader. Al Neda Cell's front page ( front page reads in part like this, "Remember your brothers and sisters in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine and Chechnya! Our beloved children are dying everyday as a result of the genocide by the Great Satan and his allies. America has committed the most hideous crime against our beloved people. The American hands are stained with the blood of our innocent children.

"...Your Mujahideen brothers need your material and spiritual support. They are fighting the great Satan and his allies. They have nothing to fight with except their faith and body. They are fighting the enemy to liberate our beloved Ummah and land. They are fighting to remove the cancer from the heart of our great Ummah. We pray to Allah to grant the Mujahideen victory and destroy America, Israel and their allies."

This is not the first time that Yahoo has allowed its groups to be used by terrorists. In early 2004, one of Yahoo's then many on line radical Islamic groups was Global Islamic Media (, which at one point had about 6,000 members.

As Internet terror researcher Johnathan R. Galt commented in an e-mail written in early 2004, "Global Islamic Media (was) "regarded by the world's terrorism experts and the news media as the "official voice of al-Qaeda." The next attacks (were) discussed daily on Yahoo (several months in advance). Global Islamic Media published in Dec. 8 2003 a more explicit threat, which hinted at the possibility of an attack against Spain outside of Iraq. After the attacks occur, they are celebrated at this group."

An e-mailed request for comment to Yahoo was not immediately answered.

Von: 02 September 2005,, by Jeremy Reynalds

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