Ecuador backs agreement against cluster bombs (Ecuador)

QUITO, Nov. 6 (Xinhua) -- Representatives from Latin American and Caribbean countries as well as Norway met here Thursday to discuss an agreement on anti-cluster bombs to be signed in Oslo, Norway in December, the local press reported.


Emilio Izquierdo, under-secretary for Multilateral Affairs of the Ecuadorian Foreign Ministry, told the press that the agreement favors the humanities because it "aims to eliminate from earth a weapon that has indiscriminate and disastrous effects."

Ecuador "is interested in universally promoting the disappearance of this kind of weapons", Izquierdo said.

According to Thomas Nash, coordinator of the Cluster Munitions Coalition (CMC), the agreement, supported by more than 100 countries, is expected to be signed on Dec. 3 at a regional conference in Norway.

Cristian Wittman, the CMC representative in Brazil, said that the presence of the agreement in Latin America and the Caribbean region is important as part of the peace heritage that the region is promoting.

Delegates from Latin American and Caribbean countries will participate in the regional conference, which will end on Nov. 7.

Von: 07.11.2008, Editor: Bi Mingxin,

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