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Elefanten-Dame Mosha bekommt 9. Prothese

Von Beginn an wurde diese außergewöhnlichen Freundschaft aufmerksam in den Medien verfolgt: Nachdem Mosha im Alter von 7 Monaten auf eine Landmine getreten ist und ein Bein verloren hat, fertigt ihr Dr. Therdchai Jivacate immer wieder neue Prothesen an. Inzwischen wiegt Mosha fast zwei Tonnen – eine ganz schöne Herausforderung (auf Englisch).


Someone needed to address the elephant in the room. Literally.

Mosha, an Asian elephant who lost her right foreleg at just 7 months old when she stepped on a land mine on Thailand’s border with Myanmar got her ninth prosthetic limb on June 29, which ended up saving her life.

“The way she walked was unbalanced and her spine was going to bend,” Dr. Therdchai Jivacate, the orthopedist surgeon who designed the artificial leg, told Reuters. “She would have died.”

Jivacate made Mosha her first prosthetic leg six years ago when he met her at Friends of the Asian Elephant Foundation when the majestic mammal was 2 and a half. Back then, Mosha weighed 1,300 pounds, now she weighs 4,000 and her artificial legs need to be redesigned to keep up with her growing body. In fact, in the first year of working with her, Jivacate made her three prosthetic legs, Vice’s Motherboard reported.

But the very first one was quite a challenge.

Jivacate and his team had to build a comfy socket that Mosha could easily slide into, and in order for her to walk properly, perfect alignment between the socket and her foot was key.

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