Ethiopian Soldiers Desert Mogadishu's Outskirt Compound (Somalia)

The Ethiopian forces stationing around El-Irfid settlement in northern outskirt of the Somalia capital are reported to have abandoned there heading to Afgoie town, 30km south of the city to reinforce the Ethiopian soldiers fighting the insurgents as the Shabelle Al-Adala correspondent reports on Saturday.


Residents told Shabelle Radio that the Ethiopian soldiers moved the compound mid last night. The traffic on the road to Balad town which has been blocked over the past week resumed to its normal.

But there were fears over that the Ethiopian forces might leave mines on the ground.

The road linking Mogadishu to the northern district Balad has been sealed since last week after an Islamist suicide bomber driving car mounted with explosives attacked the Ethiopian barracks killing dozens of Ethiopians.

Somali's government soldiers were left at the compound where the Ethiopians deserted and are also preparing to leave there.

Von: 31.03.2007

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