The Head of Delegation of the European Commission in BiH, Michael Humphreys, on Monday will present the directors of the FBiH and RS civil protection administrations, Alija Tihic and Dragan Tupajic, with a donation in de-mining equipment. The equipment ensured for the Entity civil protection administrations is worth approx. 220.000 euros.


The project was realized by Italian company CEIA S.p.A, which ensured the sets of mine detectors with spare parts and necessary training, company TRIO d.o.o. from Serbia and Montenegro, which ensured delivery of machines for activating the mine-electric capsule for detonation, and SHOT d.o.o. from BiH, which ensured the new equipment for protection in carrying out de-mining activities.

This project is part of the seventh phase of the EU-funded de-mining programme, which is worth 660.000 euros, which was the amount of funds donated to the FBiH Civil Protection Administration, while the FBiH Government participated with 1.818,294 euros.

The RS Civil Protection Administration was given 340.000 euros, while the RS Government participated with 755,783 euros.

As the EC announced, this co-financing concept is fully in line with the Exit Strategy adopted in August 2003, which was arranged between the BiH authorities and the EU to ensure sustainability of de-mining capacities, which were ensured by the EU and other donors from the previously realized projects.

This strategy envisages gradual reduction of EU assistance to the Entity civil protection administrations until 2006, and increasing financial assistance from the Entity budgets.

From 1998 to 2004, the European Union ensured 21 million euros for de-mining in BiH and the greatest part of these funds was utilized for training and equipping the civil protection de-miners in BiH.

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