Explosion im Libanon

Das libanesische Militär vermutet, die Explosion in As-Siddiqin könnte von einer israelischen Landmine oder Streubombe ausgelöst worden sein. (in Englisch)


Army says As-Siddiqin explosion might be linked to cluster bomb

The Lebanese army issued a statement that the blast early on Wednesday in the Tyre town of As-Siddiqin might have been the explosion “of a landmine or a cluster bomb” dropped previously by Israel.

“Last night at 12:45 am, an explosion was heard in the vicinity of As-Siddiqin. As a result a unit from the Lebanese army headed to the area,” the statement said.

The army added that  it “did not find anything” after it comprehensively searched the location at night and on Wednesday afternoon.

The explosion did not leave “any visible traces,” the statement also said.

Voice of Lebanon (100.5) radio reported on Wednesday that a weapons’ stockpile belonging to Hezbollah exploded around midnight in the Tyre town of As-Siddiqin.

The report also said that security forces tried to reach the site of the explosion, but Hezbollah members had cordoned off the site, preventing anyone from getting in.
Source: Lebanon Now

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