An Afghan interpreter was killed and two U.S. servicemembers were wounded Sept. 15 when their vehicle struck a roadside bomb in Afghanistan's Ghazni province, military officials announced today. Both servicemembers were taken to Kandahar Airfield and were reported to be in stable condition.


The unit was conducting combat patrols in the area to disrupt the enemy
operations aimed at affecting the upcoming elections, officials said.

"We send our deepest condolences out to the family and friends or our
fallen Afghan friend," said Army Lt. Col. Jerry O'Hara, Combined Joint
Task Force 76 spokesman. "He died trying to make Afghanistan a better,
safer place for his people. Coalition forces will continue alongside
Afghan forces to pursue the enemy attempting to disrupt the future of

In other news from Afghanistan, Afghan and coalition forces found three
roadside bombs Sept. 15 in southern Afghanistan while conducting
offensive operations to ensure safe elections, officials said.

Afghan National Police discovered one bomb northwest of Kandahar. It was
fashioned from an artillery shell and wires. An Afghan citizen reported
the location of a bomb to police in Khowst. It was found under a bridge,
and consisted of an anti-tank mine with wires, an antenna and a battery.
The 864th Engineer Battalion discovered the third bomb southwest of
Tarin Kowt in Kandahar province. They recovered and destroyed the

Von: 16 September 2005 (US Fed News)

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