FARC ambush kills 10 soldiers, injures 17 southwest of Colombia (Colombia)

At least 10 soldiers died and 17 were injured Thursday in an ambush carried out by Colombia's Revolutionary Armed Forces (FARC) in a rural region in Valle's southwestern department, military sources said.


The attack, with explosives against the military patrol, took place between the Tulua and Andalucia municipalities some 380 km southwest of Bogota, capital of Colombia, the Army's 3rd Division commander general Hernando Perez Molina said.
He also said the ambush was carried out by the FARC's "Victor Saavedra elite column," and a sergeant and a corporal are among those killed.
Seven of the injured victims were transferred to Tulua and three seriously injured soldiers were sent to Valle de Lili clinic in Cali, Valle department's capital.
Colombian army and air-force troops are pursuing the rebels that ambushed the soldiers in a mountainous region, Perez Molina said.
Meanwhile, on Wednesday nine anti-narcotics police were killed in an attack using anti-personal mines against a police truck carried out by guerrilla members of FARC's 23rd column in a rural region of Landazuri locality, 400 km north of Bogota.

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