FARC use chemical warfare: Army

The FARC add cyanide and excrement to their munitions in order to infect and kill wounded soldiers, the Colombian army claims.


"It may seem like a lie but in reality, Colombia is suffering from the indiscriminate use of certain chemical products by the FARC in order to murder our men," Admiral David Moreno told El Nuevo Siglo.
"They are using chemical warfare on Colombians," he added.
The military chief also said that the FARC are developing new types of arms, such as more sophisticated landmines.
Colombia's security forces are on their highest alert in anticipation of the upcoming 45th anniversary of the FARC on May 27.
Ten policemen and soldiers were killed by guerrillas over the weekend.

Von: 18.05.2009, http://colombiareports.com/colombia-news/news/4077-farc-uses-chemical-warfare-army.html

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