Five police officers killed in Chechnya blast (Russia)

FIVE policemen were killed when a homemade mine loaded with metal shrapnel exploded in the restive Russian province of Chechnya.


"Yesterday evening in the Staropromyslovsky region of Grozny five interior ministry personnel were killed as a result of an explosion,'' said Ramzan Edilov, the head of the Staropromyslovsky police department.
The blast occurred at a police checkpoint blast.

"According to provisional information, the device was home-made, as nuts, bolts and ball bearings were found at the scene, Mr Edilov said.
"The search for the criminals is underway, they will be found and liquidated,'' he said.

Citing other police officials, the RIA Novosti and Interfax news agencies said two other officers had been injured and that the attack took place about 11pm local time (5am today AEST).

An estimated 100,000 civilians and 10,000 Russian soldiers have been killed in two wars against pro-independence rebels in Chechnya since 1994. While major fighting has ended, small-scale clashes continue.

Von: 5.5.2008, AFP/

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