Forces discover claymore mines, hand grenades in north Sri Lanka (Sri Lanka)

Based on information from the two LTTE [Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam] surrendered members, police and army conducted combined search operations in general area Thennamaranwadi, 22km North of Kuchchaweli, Friday (18 July) at 1.30p.m. [local time], and unearthed seven claymore mines, hand grenades and a hoard of medicine from a jungle patch in the area.


According to military, the search teams were led by two LTTE surrendered members who sought protection with the Uppuveli Police on Tuesday (15 July).

The items were found hidden in 6 plastic barrels and buried in a jungle thicket at Thennamaranwadi, Kumburuppiddi, Police said.

According to Police sources following items were found during the search operation including few LTTE uniforms and a stock of medicine.

Items Quantity: 8kg weighing claymore mines 1; 5kg weighing claymore mines 4; 1kg weighing claymore mine 1; Electrical detonators 19; Exploders 5; Hand grenades 6; Anti-personnel (AP) mines 2; Binoculars 1; T-56 ammunitions 60; Flexible wire roll approx 35m length 4; Detonator code 30m; Cyanide capsules 4.

The Trincomalee Police is conducting further investigations.

Von: 19.07.2008,

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