Former commander surrenders weapons in Farah (AFGHANISTAN)

FARAH CITY, Mar 21(Pajhwok Afghan News): A former commander handed in Tuesday heavy and light weapons under Disbandment of Illegal Armed Groups (DIAG) in the western Farah province.


Former commander Ustad Mohammad Alam, gathered the arms during the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, and he had a band of 300 men under his command, said a press release issued here.
The former commander surrendered weapons including 345 rounds, 10 recoilless rifle, 10 anti-tank mines, 3 anti-personnel mines and 487 other small arms during a ceremony held here, the statement added.

Deputy Governor of Farah Mohammad Juma Ghamko, Provincial police chief Said Aqa Saqeb, Commander of Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) in Farah Lt Col Wylie were also present on the occasion.

Deputy Governor of Farah Mohammad Juma Ghamko assured support for all those who voluntarily turned in their weapons to government. Hailing the surrendering of weapons by Ustad Alam, he said Alam had set an example for other former warlords to shun violence and join government.

Provincial police chief Said Aqa Saqeb said: "We will not let enemies to destroy our country anymore, now we have a constitution and the people will help us to defend our land." Commander of PRT in Farah Lt Col Wylie said: "Drop by drop make a river" and related this to the future of Afghanistan.

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