Funding sought for production in Cambodia (USA)

A septic system installer in Crystal Lake, Ill., used his mechanical skills to transform his tractor into a landmine detonation device to be used overseas.


Arrow Septic Systems owner Gary Christ said he came up with the design for the device after several visits to Cambodia, where he was shocked by the number of people hurt by landmines, the Arlington Heights (Ill.) Daily Herald said Tuesday.

Christ said that with 875 Cambodians injured by the explosive devices in 2006 alone, he was compelled to aid residents living in fear.

Using that motivation, Christ re-fitted his 1947 Farmall Series H tractor into a vehicle capable to detonating the mines without suffering irreparable damage.

The tractor uses a box of 40 solid steel pegs to detonate the mines. Release of the pegs can be controlled remotely from a safe distance.

The Daily Herald said that after several successful field tests, Christ has begun searching for additional funding to produce the devices in Cambodia.

Von: 11.07.2007, United Press International,

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