Gas pipeline blown up near Mastung (NEPAL)

QUETTA: Militants blew up a main pipeline supplying gas to Qalat and Mangochar in Balochistan on Tuesday.


Muhammad Nawaz, general manager of the gas company, said that an explosive device was fixed under the pipeline near Mastung, some 60 kilometres from Quetta. He said that an 8-inch diameter pipeline was blown up and that suspended supply to Qalat and Mangochar.

President Parvez Musharaf had inaugurated the gas supply to the historic city of Qalat in 2004.

Qalat was the capital of this part of the country before Partition. Attacks on national installations have increased in Balochistan. A gas plant in Pirkoh (Dera Bugti) was attacked two days ago but District Coordination Officer Abdul Samad Lasi said that it caused no damage to the plant. Similarly, electricity pylons have been attacked in various parts of the province, causing a deficit of 500 megawatts of electricity. The Quetta Electricity Supply Company has started load shedding in the province.

Meanwhile, four paramilitary troops were wounded by landmine blasts in Balochistan, AFP reported on Tuesday. One solider was injured near a natural gas field in Pir Koh while clearing mines early on Tuesday, while three others were hurt on Monday when their vehicle struck a landmine in Sangsila, a security official said.

Suspected militants fired 19 rockets at security forces in the Pir Koh and Chashma areas late on Monday, blowing up a gas pipeline header in Pir Koh, but there were no casualties, the official said.

Insurgents also fired a rocket and bullets which damaged the solar panels of a telecommunications station in Naushki district, he said. Nobody has claimed responsibility for the attacks.

Von: 19.04.2006, by Azizullah Khan

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