Generalized Operation To Bring Landmines To An End

Luanda, 03/31 - Minister Kussumua defends strictness in demining activities to secure safe circulation and good electoral process The National Coordinator of the Executive Commission of Landmines Clearance, João Baptista Kussumua, has predicted the end of landmines with ignition of the "Generalized Humanitarian Land Mines Clearance" which will be the starting point for the countdown of the explosive ordnances planted in the country.


This action, he pursued, requires greater rigour to ensure the reconstruction of economic and strategic infrastructures destroyed by the war and the construction of new ones.
Addressing the Workshop dedicated to landmines clearance for national reconstruction and support to the electoral process, the also Minister of Assistance and Social Reinsertion said the registration and control of these deactivated ordnances by each operator should be done.
According to him, the increment of these efforts, including the setting up of 43 demining brigades by the Angolan Government, will stimulate the enhancement of actions of other interveners, in order to see a landmine-free country in future.
He explained that the next elections require the effective flow of people and goods all over the national territory, a task awaiting for the fast and urgent intervention of demining stakeholders to ensure the necessary safety of the brigades of electoral census.
Landmines clearance on secondary and tertiary roadways, on the edges of main roads, people resettlement sites, water supply sources, livestock and farming zones and the education of the population still under landmines risk are the priorities, the Minister said.
The Workshop counted with participation of 133 peoples, including Government members, MPs, political party representatives, public and private national and international organisations and religious entities.

Von: 31.03.06

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