Georgia, Abkhazia ageree to demine Kodori Gorge

Georgian president envoy to the Kodori Gorge Emzar Kvitsiani says that Abkhazia is ready to clear the minefields left from the armed conflict in the Gorge.


TBILISI, Georgia-- "There is an agreement on each side demining its territory," he told
Interfax on Thursday.

"Bad weather and flood damage on roads and bridges are hampering demining
efforts in Upper Kodori, but the sides are generally prepared to clear
mines," Kvitsiani said.

The UN Mission in Georgia has agreed to help with the demining project, he

Georgian State Minister Giorgi Khaindrava will visit the Kodori Gorge soon.
"He may meet with representatives of the Sukhumi authorities in Kodori,"
Kvitsiani said.

Von: 10.06. 2004 Interfax News Service

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