German government donates EUR 800,000 for mine clearance in Croatia (GERMANY)

SIBENIK, Feb 28 (Hina) - The German government has earmarked EUR 800,000 for mine clearance operations in Croatia this year, the head of the German ASB Office in Croatia, Wolfgang Raschka, said at a meeting with the authorities in the central Adriatic city of Sibenik on Thursday.


CROATIA, 28 February 2008 (HINA)--

Raschka said that the funds would cover the costs of clearing 650,000 square metres of land strewn with mines left over from the 1991-1995 war.
Raschka was in Sibenik to see the progress of a mine removal operation in the city's Subicevac district. The operation, for which the German government had donated HRK 420,000 (about EUR 57,500), began last week and was to last three weeks.
The mine-infested area measures about 50,000 square metres and is planned as a housing estate. The operation was organised after last autumn construction workers found so-called bomblets from a missile system used by Serb paramilitary forces during artillery attacks on Sibenik.
About 18 square kilometres of land in Sibenik-Knin County has been cleared of mines to date and another 62 square kilometres are believed to be mine-infested.


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