Govt to provide compensation to families of Maoist victims

His Majesty's Government has decided to provide compensation to the 4 families including that of a girl child who was killed accidentally as the bomb she was playing with exploded.


The bomb was left by the terrorists.

The planning and Supervision Division of the Home Ministry made the decision with the recommendation of the meeting of the District Security Committee, according to Chief District Officer, Tekbir Rayamajhi.

The family of the girl, Heera Kharn of Kilchowk will be provided with Rs. 1 lakh 50.

Likewise, the family of Surendra Gurung will be provided with Rs. 1. lakh.

Gurung was killed in landmine explosion planted by the Royal Nepalese Army in order to safeguard the Tower.

The family of Min Bahadur Kumal will also be provided with Rs.1 lakh.

He was killed in the clashes between the police and the Maoists in Sundhara.

The family of Raju Sharma, who was killed by the Maoists will also be provided with Rs. 1 lakh 50 .

The amount will be released soon, according to the Chief District Officer, Rayamajhi.

Von: 05 October 2005, Nepal

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