Greenpeace activists target cluster bomb factory (Spain)

Around thirty Greenpeace activists broke into the head offices of the Expal armament company in Madrid this morning to "point the finger" at manufacturers of cluster bombs and demand that their prohibition.


The protesters broke into the reception area of the office building where they displayed cardboard cut-outs of mutilated victims and scattered a large number of artificial limbs around to symbolise all the innocent people around the world who have been either injured, mutilated or killed by this kind of weapon.

Furthermore, the protesters hung a large banner on the outside of the building with a photo of a mutilated child and the message 'Expal make cluster bombs that mutilate'.

They had hoped for a meeting with company directors to express their views and hand over an artificial limb and a video filmed in Cambodia of an 18 year old boy who lost both of his arms to a cluster bomb, asking: "please stop making these bombs."
Greenpeace also plan to deliver protheses and copies of the video to the Defence and Foreign Affairs ministries.

Von: 23.5.2008,

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