Heavy clashes in Maniyakkulam (Sri Lanka)

Situation in the North


The advancing troops of the 58 Division engaged in fierce skirmishes with the LTTE, inflicted heavy losses to the enemy in the Maniyakkulam area in Kilinochchi district according to military sources.

The clashes occurred between the Government Troops and LTTE cadres throughout Sunday. Many terrorists were suspected as killed and wounded in large numbers, as confirmed by intercepted radio communications.

Soldiers belonging to the 58 and 57 Divisions in two different search operations conducted in Akkarayankulam and Maniyakkulam areas around 6.30am and 10.20 am on Sunday found military equipment abandoned by the withdrawing Tiger cadres, as reported by the Media Centre for National Security.

Meanwhile troops of Army Task Force 1 have commenced "mop-up" operations in recently captured Vannerikkulam, in the western Kilinochchi battlefront since yesterday morning.

According to the Defense Ministry the troops on Sunday afternoon obtained total domination over the area after months of fighting. Sources stated that the area would be declared as "fully liberated" once the "mop-up" operations are completed.

Task Force 1 troops carried out their offensives in the general areas of the Vannerikkulam, Chinnakkonailai, Maniyakkulam, and Kunachakulam during the day. During these operations 12 soldiers sustained injuries due to anti-personnel mine explosions and LTTE mortar fire.

On the Vavuniya front, Task Force 2 troops attacked groups of LTTE cadres located in the Nallikulam, Palamoddai and Puttur areas during the daytime. Troops confirmed that heavy losses were inflicted on the terrorists.

Meanwhile on the Mullaithivu front, troops of 59 Division continued their operations in the Andankulam jungle during the day claiming further terrorist losses.

Von: 21.10.2008, by Kurulu Kariyakarawana, www.dailymirror.lk

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