Huambo: Over 4000 explosive devices deactivated (Angola)

Huambo- A total of 4,892 explosive devices placed in various localities of Huambo Province were deactivated by the British demining company, The Hallo Trust, in operations held between 2002-2005.


A press note from that institution, which Angop had access to on Monday, in Huambo city, stresses that such quantity of deactivated devices corresponds to the clearance of an area of nearly 99,000 hectares considered of risk, due to the existence of land mines.

Huambo`s chief town, as well as Ukuma, Longonjo, Mungo, Tchindjendje and Tchicala-Tcholohanga are pointed in the report as the areas with highest amount of land mines.

Von: 21.6.2006 Relief Web

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