IDF: Our rockets more dangerous

Massive fire launched from most advanced multi-barreled 'Destroyer' rocket launcher in the world at sites in southern Lebanon; IDF using new weapon for first time not as part of exercise


- After Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah again threatened Israel, sources in the security estbalishment responded by noting that "our rockets are more dangerous."
Their words were quickly backed up by the latest Israel Defense Forces weapon to be pulled from the military's arsenal: For the first time, the IDF has begun using the new "Destroyer" rocket. The multiple launch rocket system (MLRS) is the most advanced the world, and releases a massively powerful volley of artillery fire which spreads out over a wide distance. This latest weapon has begun going into service in the Artillery Corps, and is now being used for the first time on the battlefield against rocket launching sites in southern Lebanon. The aerial campaign meanwhile continued and was expanding, as dozens of targets were struck Sunday night across Lebanon. Some 15 people were reported killed. The Lebanese airport authorities reported that the Israel Air Force attacked gas tanks at Beirut's international airport. The airport is closed and no activity is taking place in it since it was first bombed last Thursday.

9 Lebanese soldiers killed

Lebanese media reported three attacks in the city of Baalbek, in the northern Lebanon valley. It was reported that two UNIFIL posts in southern Lebanon were attacked. According to the report, which was unconfirmed by other sources, an Indian soldier was injured in the attack. The IDF says it fired at a Hizbullah position adjacent to a UNIFIL position and that the IDF had asked the UNIFIL outpost to evacuate itself, while warning the population in the area. The IDF also attack radar installations of the Lebanese army in naval bases in Tripoli in northern Lebanon and in the town of Abda. A Lebanese security force said nine Lebanese soldiers were killed in the attack and many others injured. The IDF said the attack was carried out due to the fact that Hizbullah was using Lebanese army installation systems in order to attack IDF soldiers, such as the attack on the Navy ship on Friday.
On Sunday, Lebanese sources said three IDF soldiers were injured in an Air Force attack in the Sidon area. According to the report IAF warplanes struck three targets, a water reservoir near a Lebanese army base, a bridge in the city of Sidon, and a gas station near Sidon's port.

Von: Hannan Greenberg (07.17.06, 10:32)

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