IIIT developing prototype 'Micro Robots'

Hyderabad, Sept 4. (UNI): The IIIT Robotics Lab (IRL) of the International Institute of Information Technology(IIIT) is developing 'micro robots' for use in searching landmines, bombs and rescue of those trapped in major fire mishaps.


Talking to UNI here, IRL Faculty Member Madhava Krishna said the IRL was developing hardware and software for the micro robots, a project funded by the Department of Science and Technology (DST).

"We are developing prototype of micro robots and will replicate several of them which can be used for swarm robotics," he added.

Explaining the functions of the micro robotics, Mr Madhava Krishna said robots can roam limited areas with the assistance of wireless beams and detect mines and bombs. They will give a report of the marked area after thorough search.
The technology demonstration was on and the project would be completed in four or five months, he added.

Von: 4.9.06, www.hindu.com

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