In Moxico (Angola) wurden im ersten Halbjahr 2011 mehr als 500.000 Quadratkilometer von Minen befreit

Laut Regierung wurden 517 Antipersonenminen, 29 Antifahrzuegminen und 1.578 Sprengkörper vernichtet. (in Englisch)

Landminen wurden im Bürgerkrieg in Angola von Regierungstruppen und Rebellen eingesetzt. (c) medico international


Over 500,000 square metres of land cleared of landmines

Luena – Over 500,000 square metres were cleared of landmines from January to June this year, in the eastern Moxico Province, by governmental structures and NGOs.

This information was given Saturday by the vice governor of the province for political and social matters, Adriana Sofia Cacuassa Bento, when closing a seminar on “Training of specialists in non technical research”.

She informed that in the mentioned period, the demining teams removed and destroyed 517 anti-personnel mines, 29 anti-tank mines and 1,578 explosive devices.

Based on the statistics of the national project on landmines impact survey, conducted from 2004 to 2006, the minister explained that Moxico Province has the highest number of landmines, since it has 14 high risk localities, 105 medium risk and 171 low impact risk ones.

She reaffirmed that the provincial government will continue to be committed to the clearance of areas with landmines, so that the province can overcome this problem, which was left by the over thirty years of armed conflict.

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