Iran press: Mine-clearing operations cause "powerful explosions" in southwest (IRAN)

Another piece of news is a report by the Mehr News Agency from Khorramshahr which states that the mine clearing forces working in the minefields of Shalamcheh [on the Iraqi border] have carried out a series of powerful explosions, which have caused some worries among the local public.


On the basis of the said report, seven powerful explosions rocked Khorramshahr for about one hour, and these explosions were also felt in the adjacent city of Abadan.

Commenting on this development, the Friday prayer Imam of Khorramshahr said: My own residence shook violently as a result of these explosions.

The report added that a large volume of unexploded mines continue to be present in the Khorramshahr area, and if the explosions resulting from the mine clearing operations continue with the same intensity and power, the mental and physical health of the people of Khorramshahr will be certainly adversely affected.

Von: 26 October 2005 (BBC), Source: "Iran" newspaper

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