Iraq not on track to meet landmine removal treaty requirements (Iraq)

Officials now say a car bomb in the Iraqi city if Kirkuk killed over 30 people and injured nearly 100 more. The bomb detonated in a busy commercial district in the Northern Iraqi city just hours after US forces completed a withdrawal from the country's cities and towns.


And as conflict continues in the country, the United Nation's Children's Fund, UNICEF, and the UN Development Program are worried the government is not on track to meet it's Ottawa treaty requirements concerning landmine removal. In a joint report published today, the UN organizations expressed doubts all landmines and cluster bombs ' over 20 million in all - will be dismantled by the 2018 deadline. In fact only 20 square kilometer have been cleared since the treaty was signed last year. Ban Al-Daeea of UNICEF says since 2003, 8000 people have been killed or injured by landmines in Iraq.
"Two thousand of them are children under 18 years of age. There is also around one million Iraqi children at risk of being injured or killed by those mines since they live in those contaminated areas."
The report calls for further international support to help the Iraqi government move forward with mine removal.

Von:, Free Speech Radio News, 01.07.09

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