It was no secret that air raid shelters were so dangerous (Northern Ireland)

I was more than surprised to read the article about the air raid shelters in Belfast (Belfast Telegraph, April 21). It was no secret to all our family living in Atlantic Avenue at the time of the Blitz, that all the shelters were in danger of collapse in a close blast!


This was drilled into us by my father who fought in the Somme and knew the effects of bombs.
He told us never to go into an air raid shelter but to stay under the staircase, which six of us did.
However, sadly, the 16 people sheltering in the air raid shelter just 15ft away were crushed to death when the heavy concrete roof collapsed as the walls gave way when the landmine fell at the corner of Duncairn Gardens.
Thanks to my father's knowledge we were safe and sound, though shattered. Why is it only now, we hear about unsafe shelters which people had faith in? I relive the memories of this Blitz and how the soldiers dug us out of our house.

Von: 5.5.2006

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