IVECO's novel light multirole vehicle offers a 'citadel' for mine blast protection

IVECO's new light vehicle distinguishes itself from its peers through a unique steel skeleton, which defends the crew against hand grenades, armour-piercing bullets and anti-personnel mines, similar to those encountered by NATO forces in the Balkans in the 1990s. The unit is already tapping the European market.


The initiative taken by IVECO Defence Vehicles Division (DVD) in developing a novel light multirole vehicle (LMV) has been rewarded by orders for it from three different countries and the prospect of several further orders. The vehicles already ordered include 60 for the Italian Army, which has a requirement for 1,050 more, 401 for the British Army with an option for a second batch of 400 and, most recently, 400 for the Belgian Army, which might eventually procure up to 620. The LMV has also been selected for possible acquisition by the Spanish Army and it is being promoted in Germany by Rheinmetall Landsysteme in collaboration with IVECO Magirus AG as well as being trialled in Norway.

The crew compartment of the LMV is protected against anti-personnel mines and hand grenades exploding under it by having a floor of sandwich construction that can absorb their fragments. The LMV can also be fitted with a blast shield to protect the crew compartment against the explosions of anti-tank mines. When all the protective measures are combined the crew compartment becomes a 'citadel' within which the crew are afforded a high level of protection.

Von: 28.02.06, - By Professor R M Ogorkiewicz

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