Jaffna Civilians Guide Army to Tiger Armaments (Sri Lanka)

On information received by a civilian, troops recovered a large cache of weapons and ammunition in Madduwil, Chawakachcheri around 7.00 a.m. today. Among the recovered items were ten claymore mines weighing seven kilograms each, one communication set, two micro pistols, two magazines, three hand grenades, one satellite phone, fifty first aid kits, and 43 ration packs.


Timely information by civilians has prevented major terrorist attacks not only in the South but also in the North and East. Security Forces say that there is an increasing trend in civilian assistance to curtail tiger terror activities in the North and East. Continued assistance from civilians has thwarted Tiger attempts of blasting claymore mines targeting troops, disrupting normalcy and damaging property in the North and East. Civilians frustrated over Tiger attempts of sabotaging their day to day life are voluntarily assisting the Security Forces to curb terrorist attacks despite threats to their own lives.

Security Forces salute the patriotic and brave civilians of Jaffna for their assistance in saving lives and maintaining law and order in the area.

Ensuring National Security is the duty of all citizens. The general public can call 118 or 119 and inform law enforcement officers of any suspicious activity or persons. Civilians could also inform the nearest Police station, Army, Navy or Air Force camps or call the following numbers to report any suspicious activity.

Von: 27.09.06, http://www.nationalsecurity.lk

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