Japan invests USD 30 Million in economic and social projects (JAPAN)

Luanda - The Japanese Government granted year around USD 30 million for implementation of economic and social projects in various provinces of Angola, in the ambit of the agreements existing between both countries.


Speaking to ANGOP, the head of Foreign Affairs of the Japanese Embassy in Angola, Hzkoaki Sano, said that the amount has being invested in the sector of agriculture and demining.

In the agricultural sector, farming families of southern Huíla province are being supplied with fertilisers and farming tools, whilst the demining field benefits from education about the dangers of explosive devices and mines victims are recovering through the rehabilitation centres of Luanda, Lunda-Sul and Huambo.

At the moment both Government are discussion studies for the rehabilitation of the Harbours of Cabinda, Luanda, Lobito (Benguela) and Namibe, in the next three years, also having projects in the sectors of health and education.

Hzkoaki Sano considered the relations between Angola and Japan as excellent and improved greatly after a visit by President José Eduardo dos Santos` visit to that Asian country and the opening of the respective diplomatic missions in Luanda and Tokyo.

Von: 06.02.2006, http://www.angolapress-angop.ao/noticia-e.asp?ID=414241

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