Japan to provide USD 32 million to help Sudanese refugees

Japan will provide about USD 32.1 million in additional emergency grants to Sudan for reconstruction work after a cease-fire in a decades-long civil conflict, the Foreign Ministry said.


The decision was made in order to prepare sufficiently for the full-scale repatriation of Sudanese refugees and internally displaced people who escaped to the southern Sudan which will start soon after the end of the rainy season.

The aid will be used to repair roads, support refugees and internally displaced persons as well as build schools, according to the ministry.

An estimated 4 million people are said to have been displaced within Sudan as a result of the conflict.

In April, Tokyo pledged USD 100 million to help rebuild the strife-torn country. Of the USD 100 million, Japan has already contributed about USD 24 million in areas including land mine removal, food aid and infectious disease prevention, and the latest decision will bring Japan's total contribution so far to about USD 56 million, more than half of the amount pledged by the country.

Tokyo also decided last month to dispatch a Foreign Ministry official to take part in the UN mission in Sudan to assist the world body's peacekeeping operations there and to provide four-wheel-drive motor vehicles and land mine detectors for the UN Mission in Sudan.

Japan hopes for early consolidation of peace in Africa as a whole including Sudan, and intends to continue its proactive support for that purpose, the ministry said.

Von: 15 September 2005, http://www.kuna.net.kw

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