Jemen: Hundert Tote durch Landminen in nur einem Monat

Laut offiziellen Aussagen eines jemenitischen Regierungsvertreters seien allein im letzten Monat mindestens 100 Mensch durch Minen der Al Houthi Rebellen gestorben. (Auf Englisch)

Altstadt von Sanaa, Hauptstand von Jemen von Richard Messenger unter CC BY 2.0


Al Mukalla: Health and security officials in Southern Yemen have said that dozens of people have been killed in a month by landmines planted by the retreating Al Houthis.

Al Khedher Laswer, the director of Aden’s office of ministry of health, told reporters that at least 100 people have been killed since Mid-July when they either walked or drove over landmines in Aden and neighbouring districts.

“Most of the dead are those who hastily returned home to Aden and other areas.” Laswer said. Al Houthis have recently suffered heavy loses in the south when their rival southern resistance and Saudi and UAE troops pushed them out of the strategic port city of Aden, Lahj, Dale’ and Abyan provinces. Fighting is now raging in the oil and gas rich province of Shabwa.

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