Jemen: Mindestens 5 ZivilistInnen sterben durch Landminen

Wie von offizieller Seite nun verkündet wurde, starben bei Explosionen mit Landminen im Landesinneren mind. 5 ZivilistInnen und 12 Soldaten. Die Landminen waren angeblich von Huthi Rebellen zurückgelassen worden. (auf Englisch)

PPM-2 antipersonnel mines manufactured by East Germany in 1982 and cleared from Aden in July-August 2015. © 2015 Human Rights Watch


Five Yemeni civilians and 12 fighters from the forces fighting Shiite rebels known as Houthis were killed this month by rebel-planted mines in a central province, medical and security officials from the anti-rebel side said Wednesday.

The officials said that the Houthis planted the mines before they were pushed out from their last outpost in Marib province last week.

Since taking full control over the Marib province, the military and allied forces have been securing their presence and prepping for a large-scale operation to take over Jawf province to the north, which lies on the road to the Houthis' stronghold of Saada, according to military officials. Reinforcements from the Saudi-led coalition, including troops and weaponry, were also sent across the border and then into Marib in the past three days, according to the officials.

In Taiz province, medical and security officials say 13 Houthis and allied fighters were killed in airstrikes by a Saudi-led coalition, while fierce clashes were ongoing near the provincial capital's airport. Also in the city of Taiz, three individuals guarding a high-ranking military official were killed when a Houthi rocket landed near his convoy.

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