Jordan TV Broadcasts Confessions of Hamas Members (Jordan)

Amman (Petra) -- The Jordanian TV on Thursday broadcasted clips of weapons which members of Hamas Movement smuggled and stored in Jordan, including dozens of hand grenades, some Iranian-made katyusha rockets, land mines, bombs and explosives.


The General Intelligence Department (GIP) revealed the plot and seized some weapons on April, 18 and arrested a number of Hamas members involved in plotting against Jordanian civil apparatus and cars.

First suspect, Ayman Naji Daraghmeh, 43 said he was linked to Hamas by a friend, who proposed on Ayman to work with Hamas and he agreed. Then Ayman traveled to Syria and met with Hamas official Abu Al Abed. Ayman stayed in Syria and attended training course in telecommunications and investigating.

''Abu Al Abed asked me to meet him in Syria... I met him in Syria and he told me that a new official named Abu Anas will be responsible for me... the next day I met Abu Anas... I recognized the picture of Abu Anas by detectives and his name was Wael Abu Hantash, who asked me to work with him in Jordan and gave me a map for Deir Al Kahf area in which they stored weapons... He then gave me some money and asked me to find a new point and put a map of it and transfer the weapons to it...'' said Ayman Naji.

Ayman Naji added that he went back to Jordan and went to Deir Al Kahf area and took the weapons to the area he chose in Al Kahwaji village near Prince Mohammad suburb, drew the map and stored the weapons in an olive trees farm. ''I told Abu Anas about this and he asked me to meet him in Saudi Arabia, I went to Saudi to perform Umra, met Abu Anas and explained to him what I did at the second point.'' Said Ayman Naji.

''While I was in Saudi Arabia I met a person called Abu Hassan, who has information about a Jordanian Intelligence officer. 'This officer harmed the movement' Abu Hassan was asked to bring a picture of this officer, Abu Anas asked me to help him. Abu Hassan took my telephone number and Abu Anas arranged us a place to meet in Jordan'' said Ayman Naji.

''I met him at Raghadan Bus Station in Amman, then we went to Salt where the officer lives, and explored the area and went back without taking pictures.... then we entered an area in which there was a graveyard, we entered the graveyard and my mission was to watch and he took pictures for 3 to 5 minutes not more and said 'that's enough we shall go now' then he took the slice from the camera and asked me to give it to Abu Anas.'' added Ayman Naji.

Von: 12.5.2006

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