Journalists Debate Children Health (Angola)

Luanda- A group of 25 journalists from state and private media organs debate Tuesday, here, in the seminar under the motto "Reporting on children", matters related to children health in Angola, prevention of illness, education and society, as well as its importance on girls.


Meeting at the second day of activity, media professionals will get information on HIV/AIDS, gender Clubs in schools, as a way of getting specific technical information related to children, in order to sensitize the population on children life in the country.

After debating on "Children and Journalism and Children accused of witchcraft" on the first day, the journalists will also analyse, on the third day (Wednesday), how to "Write about Unicef", HIV/AIDS and youth in their free time", as well as "Landmine Danger", "Reporting and Statistics".

This training course is a sequence of another one held in March, promoted by Unicef with Rede Andi of Brazil, under the theme "Children and youth in conflict with law".

Von: 10.5.2006

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