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Das Forum findet in Phnom Pen in Kambodscha während der Vertragsstaatenkonferenz über Antipersonenminen, 26.11.-02.12. 2011, statt. Bewerbungen bis zum 10. August. (in Englisch)

Jugend-Meinungsführerschaftsforum 2009: Teilnehmerinnen und Teilnehmer präsentieren in Cartegena in Kolumbien der versammelten Staatengemeinschaft ihre Forderungen. (c) Giovanni Diffidenti


Dear colleagues,


The theme for MAC’s youth programming in 2011 is Take the Next Step for Survivors!, which is focused on generating awareness, programming and actions in support of the needs of landmine and cluster bomb survivors and their communities. Youth programming opportunities for 2011 will include: the Youth Leaders Forum (YLF); the Legacy Youth Fundraising project to raise funds for scholarships for Cambodian survivors to attend high school; small grants program; monthly online training forums; and apprenticeship opportunities.


This year’s YLF will consist of a seven-day program and take place in conjunction with the Eleventh Meeting of States Parties to the Ottawa Convention in Phnom Penh, Cambodia from November 26-December 2.




In May 2011, MAC posted a survey on the ICBL and CMC listserves soliciting feedback on what other training, skills or information partners and youth graduates think is necessary to becoming an effective leader in social justice. What you told us was there was some deeper training and missing components from our past youth leadership program that we should be thinking about including, such as:


Leadership skills (philosophies and models, developing and assessing one’s own leadership style)

Communication skills (conflict resolution, creating influence with people, facilitation, cross cultural communication skills)

Project management skills (mobilizing and managing effective teams, strategic planning, time management, effective grant writing and reporting, evaluation skills)

Other skills necessary for advocacy such as fundraising, lobbying, using social media and computer literacy

Practical, real-time opportunities to practice learning




In order to accommodate the new training components, although there will be a session updating delegates on the status, progress, targets and messaging for both CMC and ICBL – there will not be beginner training sessions about the weaponry, the treaties, basic advocacy skills etc. Delegates will be expected to know this already.




To take part in this YLF, delegates will need to be:


-  Between the ages of 18-30

A graduate of MAC’s Youth Leadership program or can demonstrate having received comparable training in mine action and basic advocacy skills from partner organizations or education

Be actively working, volunteer, connected to or willing to make a concrete commitment to a national campaign or partner organization working in mine action

Have the ability to communicate in English


Delegates from affected or universalization target countries will be prioritized as will applications from survivors. Delegates interested in sponsoring their own participation in YLF are invited to apply as well and indicate this on their application form.


Apply here

Any questions? Email us at ylf(at)minesactioncanada.org.

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