Kambodscha: Landmine in der Nähe von Angkor Wat gefunden

Die Landmine wurden in der Nähe der Tickethäusschalter gefunden. Zum Glück stellte sie keine Gefahr dar, da sie keinen Zünder eingebaut hatte. Wer sie dorthin gelegt hatte und wieso ist bisher noch nicht klar. Die Polizei ermittelt.

Angkor Wat von Kim Seng unter CC BY 2.0


Police in Siem Reap province are investigating the provenance of an anti-personnel land mine found near an entrance to the Angkor Archaeological Park on Tuesday, but suspect that it was likely not planted there deliberately.

Deputy provincial police chief Nhik Keo said villagers reported finding the mine at about 6:30 a.m. on the side of a dirt road that leads to the front gate of a local military base, about 50 meters from the ticket stalls at the park entrance in Siem Reap City.

Mr. Keo said the Soviet-made OZM-4, designed to shoot out of the ground when triggered before exploding, was found lying on its side with no detonator.

“Maybe someone accidentally dropped it,” he said. “No one placed it here, because it had no detonator to explode. We are investigating the case.”

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