Kambodscha: Minenräumung an Grenze zu Thailand muss beschleunigt werden

Zur Zeit des Vietnamkriegs und des darauffolgenden Bürgerkriegs wurde Kambodscha schwer mit Landminen und anderen explosiven Kriegsresten verseucht. Vor allem die Grenze zu Thailand ist stark betroffen. Laut Medienangaben haben nun in diesem Gebiet Bauarbeiten begonnen, die viele Menschen dazu zwingen in Gefahrenzonen zu ziehen (auf Englisch).

Schulkinder in Kambodscha vor einem Minenfeld auf ihrem Schulweg © Paul James Hay / Handicap International


By Tom Rayner, South East Asia Correspondent, in Cambodia

Landmine clearance teams in Cambodia say they are facing a major new challenge, due to a mass movement of people to areas contaminated with hidden explosives laid decades ago.

Huge road construction projects along the border with Thailand are allowing thousands of Cambodians to seek homes and farmland in newly accessible areas.

But while the road projects are breathing new life into a part of the country previously cut-off from development, the course of the road runs next to the notorious K5 mine belt.

It means the demining efforts are now more urgent than ever.

Around two million mines were laid in the area between the late 70s and early 90s by Vietnamese and then Cambodian forces, aiming to push the Khmer Rouge out of the country.

Thousands of Cambodians have been killed or maimed in the years that have followed.

Since 1991, Scottish charity the HALO Trust has been working on the demining effort, backed by government funding from the UK and US, among other donors.

During those 25 years of operations, they have cleared well over 1,000 square km of mined terrain, and yet that still only amounts to 53% of the work that needs to be done.

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