Kazakh police discover ammunition cache in private house (Kazakhstan)

[Presenter] The police have discovered an ammunition cache containing anti-tank and anti-personnel mines, 1 kg of ammonite and seven fuses in the yard of a private house in Aktobe Region. According to the police, ammonite was enough to blow up a nine-storey building. A resident of the town of Khromtau did not give the reason why he stored the ammunition, although he said that he had found them accidentally and did not want to throw them away.


[Correspondent] The police checked the resident's private yard in Khromtau with a mine detector. In order to find out whether these are training or combat mines, they have sent all the ammunition for testing to Uralsk. As for ammonite, the police have no doubts, a kilo of this substance is enough to blow up a nine-storey building.

[Unidentified man] There are just two batteries which can produce blast.

[Correspondent] This is an improvised explosive device that can be detonated by electricity. But the 54-year old man has never been implicated in crimes. He assured that he had found them in the yard while cleaning it and kept them at home without any reason.

[Policeman] We sent ammunition for testing. If they are found to be explosives, then a number of theories will be studied.

[Correspondent] Such findings are not rare for the town of Khromtau. Explosives are usually used here in mines and, as life shows, are quite accessible to town residents. Even if it is an accidental finding, the police advise to bring and hand them over voluntarily. Storing ammunition whatever the reasons are, criminal or household, is subject to prosecution, envisaging up to three years in prison.

Von: 18.07.2008, www.icbl.org

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