Kenia: Al-Shabab Milizen verminen Camp der kenianischen Armee

Laut offiziellen Stellen haben Al-Shabab Milizen, die sich immer wieder Kämpfe mit der kenianischen Armee leisten, offensichtlich die Gegend um ein Camp der Armee vermint. (auf Englisch)

Aufklärung über die Gefahr von Minen in Somalia - die Al-Shabab Milizen haben dort vermutlich ihre Basis © S. Bonnet / Handicap International


President Uhuru Kenyatta on Tuesday summoned military generals to Mombasa as Kenya Defence Forces intensified counter-attacks against Al-Shabaab who raided a KDF camp in Somalia on Friday.

The Army, Airforce and Navy commanders -- led by Chief of Kenya Defence Forces Samson Mwathethe -- flew to the Coast for the meeting with the President at State House, Mombasa.

After the high-level security talks, the President addressed the nation in a televised address where he again warned that those who attacked the KDF camp at El Adde in the Gedo region, northwestern Somalia, would be tracked down and punished.

"We are well aware peace and security have their price," the President said in his address. "Our job is to minimise the risk to our people. I'm proud to say that our forces are ready to do their duty. Their bravery is undimmed and for this, we, as a nation, are grateful to all of them."


Ordinarily, no aircraft is allowed to land at Wilson after 8.30pm. The airport lacks sophisticated radio signal navigation equipment that helps pilots to land in poor weather or low visibility.

In most cases, late night flights are directed to JKIA.

It was not immediately established how long it would take to bring all the bodies home after reports indicated that the Al Shabaab militants had planted grenades and land mines in the area surrounding the KDF camp.


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