Kolumbien: Mutter und ihre zwei Kinder schwer verletzt

Kolumbien ist eines der meistverseuchtesten Länder der Welt. Man geht von über 20.000 Landminenopfern aus. Nun traf es eine Mutter und ihre zwei Töchter.

Carlos ist eines der vielen Minenopfer in Kolumbien © Gaël Turine / VU - Colombia 2008


A woman and her two daughters were critically injured when they stepped on an anti-personnel landmine in a rural area of the southern province of Caqueta, the Colombian army said Friday.

Nidia Quesada, 43, and her daughters, ages 10 and 11, set off the device Thursday night near the La Montañita municipality, according to a statement from the army’s Task Force Jupiter.

The report said residents took the three victims to a nearby military base, where medics provided first aid before Quesada and her kids were put aboard an army helicopter for transport to a hospital in Florencia, capital of Caqueta.

The 10-year-old suffered the amputation of her right foot, while her 11-year-old sister has injuries to her left eye and their mother received “lacerations and cuts caused by shrapnel,” the Clinica Medisaler in Florencia said.

The army blamed the incident on the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, a guerrilla organization with a strong presence in the area.

The military accused the FARC’s 15th Front of “indiscriminately installing an anti-personnel landmine in a sector with constant transit of civilians, especially peasants and children.”

Military sappers deployed in the area to find and deactivate other possible mines, the army said.

Within the framework of ongoing peace talks in Cuba, the Colombian government and the FARC announced in March a deal on humanitarian mine removal.

A pilot de-mining project is set to start soon in the northwestern province of Antioquia and the central region of Meta.

Quelle: http://www.laht.com/article.asp?ArticleId=2386878&CategoryId=12393

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